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Unleash the Primitive Power of Triangles

Step into the realm of ancient symbolism with our latest pendant, ZUUL. This extraordinary piece, crafted with a hammered finish.

Hand made in sterling silver.

Triangles have long been associated with the eternal cycle of life. Their three sides mirror the trinity of life, bringing together birth, life, and renewal in a seamless bond. ZUUL's design beautifully echoes this sacred connection, making it a unique and meaningful talisman for those who seek to embrace their own fertility journey or celebrate the fertility of others.

Presented on an Italian sterling silver chain

Designed by Chris Bril for Corky Saint Clair. Made in Melbourne.

HALF PRICE HEAVEN IS ONLINE ONLY. Please read the following before ordering:

-Total orders under $100 postage $25.00 (regular post + signature)

-Total orders over $100 postage $10.00 (express mail + signature)

-Pick up is free. You will receive a pick up notification when your work has been packed.  Thank you 😎

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