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LUNA XIV garnets

LUNA XIV garnets

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Our ROUGH GARNETS EARRINGS -  create a stylish burst of colour and sparkle.The gems measure approximately 9mm x 6mm and we have presented them on hand made sterling silver hooks.

Garnet gets its name from the Latin word for "seed" (granate) due to its resemblance to the pomegranate seed. It symbolises regeneration and vitality and is the birthstone for January.

Designed by Chris Bril for Corky Saint Clair, Hand made in Melbourne.

HALF PRICE HEAVEN IS ONLINE ONLY. Please read the following before ordering:

-Total orders under $100 postage $25.00 (regular post + signature)

-Total orders over $100 postage $10.00 (express mail + signature)

-Pick up is free. You will receive a pick up notification when your work has been packed.  Thank you 😎

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