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Luna Diamond Singleton

Luna Diamond Singleton

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 Just the moon traverses the night, casting its gentle light upon the world, our LUNA pieces capture that same sense of luminosity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each design reflects the moon's serene and mystical qualities.

Our gorgeous LUNA XXXIII BLACK DIAMOND Sud features an uncut balck diamond set in white gold, meticulously handcrafted with an eye catching claw setting.

With their uncut diamonds and handcrafted design, our LUNA studs evoke an artisanal vibe, celebrating the beauty of imperfections and the unique character of each diamond.

this listing is for a single stud

Designed by Chris Bril for Corky Saint Clair and handcrafted in Melbourne

HALF PRICE HEAVEN IS ONLINE ONLY. Please read the following before ordering:

-Total orders under $100 postage $25.00 (regular post + signature)

-Total orders over $100 postage $10.00 (express mail + signature)

-Pick up is free. You will receive a pick up notification when your work has been packed.

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