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Mermaid Svelte

Mermaid Svelte

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Our MERMAID SVELTE RING is a triumph in minimal design - an elegant  design that draws all the attention to the centre stone - an Australian sapphire from our collection.

In European folklore, mermaids and mermen were magical beings with prophetic powers who were known for their love of music and singing. Tales often depicted marriages between mermaids, some of whom could assume human form, and humans, highlighting their long-lived yet mortal nature

Built in 9K white gold with blue sapphires.

Mermaid Svelte has a narrower band than the Mermaid Classic.

*we are discontinuing this ring. There are two sizes left. Were $490 now $320

HALF PRICE HEAVEN IS ONLINE ONLY. Please read the following before ordering:

-Total orders under $100 postage $25.00 (regular post + signature)

-Total orders over $100 postage $10.00 (express mail + signature)

-Pick up is free. You will receive a pick up notification when your work has been packed.

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